Need help to understand what they mean by "# Line supported" IP phone


I need to get some IP phone but, the IP phones I saw seem to support a certain amount of phones lines. I use trunks, not POTS so is a “1 Line” IP phone can work in my case even if I currently have 4 trunks? Is the amount of supported phone lines supported by the IP phones apply only if I had POTS?

I have this one in mind:

Is this one will be able to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls to and from all my 4 trunks?



Line keys on a phone have nothing to do with the number of trunks on your PBX. You could have a single line phone with 100 trunks on your PBX it doesn’t matter.

I suggest you look at the Sangoma Phones like the s400 and s500 if you want a phone that is easy to setup and gives you features with FreePBX that no other phone can do since it’s designed by the same team that builds FreePBX.