Need help to create queue , i enclosed what i did

hi ,

i have a main ivr , and pressing 3 will go to a ring group # 3,

now , i want to make a queue to this ringgorup # 3
note that this riggroup have the following extentions

this image illustrate

now i made a new queue from pbx
and the following images describe ehich i did

after that i found a new icon on the FOP
here is it

now and after all of that ,
no queues occured , when i ring , it gives me busy , …
am i forgetting something ???
should i do anther thing ???


You need to route the IVR (key 3) to the queue.
and then when someone call and press 3 in the ivr,
he will route to the queue, that will start to rind (according to your ring strategy) at the registerd agent to this queue.

thnaks mr tzionlevy , u know , although the solution is simple … but it is hard to obtain it.

thank you very very very much , i was thinking that the ringgroup will still exist.
but u know , i began to think that the queue is a ringgroup but supplied with queue.
any way

thanks alot

Glad to help :}