Need help to change the way calls are recorded

Hi all!

I’m playing with freepbx and I’m wondering how can I do something to change the way calls are recorded.
I explain, I check always in application for in/out internal calls and as well I want to record every calls.
But I would like to change the way each calls are recorded. I would like several file of some seconds(fixed) instead of a big audio file, and I would would like to do not record anything when no sound is coming.
I took a look on the configuration file extensions_additional generated by freepbx and the context ext-record-check (I guess that the recording is made here with MixMonitor), but no way I don’t know how override it of modify it…
Does anybody know how I could do that ?

Many thx,



You should look at

And if you want to modify, copy the whole context into override file and do you thing there.

What you ask for is complex but not impossible …