Need help. SPA3102 connect ITSP to line

I need your help how to configure this. If someone will call the line 1 it automatically connect to my ITSP and give dial tone. Is this possible? from ISTP to local phone line…

I don’t think you really want someone to be able to diial a number and connect to your outgoing service that you are paying for without any security measures - otherwise someone who stumbles across your number would be able to make calls on your dime. So here is a basic setup to get you started:

Start here to set up your SPA-3102 with FreePBX:

After you have it set up and calls are coming in (send them to an extension temporarily to make sure this part works), then make sure the DISA module is installed in FreePBX and create a new DISA. Be sure to give the DISA a PIN that you can remember and/or give out to those approved to use the line

Then modify the inbound route associated with the SPA-3102 and make the destination the DISA you just created. That’s a very basic setup.

Alternately, if you really hate using a PIN, you can create a DISA without a pin and then create multiple inbound routes, each using the DID associated with the SPA-3102 line but with different CallerID settings associated with you and any other approved callers, and send them to the DISA.

Or you can use a combination of the above techniques - a DISA with a PIN for the times you’re using a phone other than the one you usually use, and a DISA without a PIN for use by callers from specific known Caller ID’s.

I’ve never actually had to do this personally, so I may be missing a fine point or two in the above instructions, but this is basically the idea - you create a DISA and then use inbound routes to send your calls there. You can even do things like send unknown callers (those with Caller ID not specified in your inbound routes) to your IVR, but put a “hidden” option in your IVR (one that’s not mentioned in your announcement message) that then goes to the DISA, so that the line associated with the SPA-3102 can have multiple uses. In FreePBX you have the flexibility to do just about whatever you want, you just have to think through what you really want to do and then set it up!

ok thanks alot for your time this will be a big help from me… I will try to set it up tomorrow.

Hi there I’m sorry but I really didn’t understand this line “Create a new SIP trunk in FreePBX” and “then make sure the DISA module is installed in FreePBX” where will I create a SIP trunk at freepbx and also where can I get a DISA? really sorry about this questions :slight_smile: