Need help routing DAHDi channels

Hi everyone-
I’ve recently taken over maintenance on an IP-PBX, and as the situation allowed for it, I installed a brand new Distro (the actual Distro, from FreePBX) about a week ago.

This system has an existing Rhino RCB4FXO card in it. The customer needs to identify all calls that come into one specific POTS line that feeds this card (there are four). I plan on adding a prefix to the CID that comes through this line, but alas: I can’t figure out how.

Can someone help me? I’ve checked the forums but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I’m getting calls through and everything, so I know it’s installed/working correctly, but I need to prefix all calls on this one particular POTS line and I just can’t seem to figure it out!!

Use the “DAHDI Channel DIDs” module to manually assign a DID to each incoming DAHDI channel. Once each channel has a DID, you can create a separate inbound route for each and search by DID in the CDR.

I’m trying it right now, thanks for the advice!

Did you mean ZAP Channel DIDs? Please excuse my ignorance

It looks like you are on the right track, but for others
Zap Channel DIDs == DAHDI Channel DIDs
depending on which version of FreePBX you are running, the module will be called one or the other.

OK so I have incoming calls, and that’s good. Now the problem is Caller ID.
Having set the DIDs, am I negating the Caller ID information coming from the provider? For some reason I can’t get any CID information to display at all. Calls made across a SIP line I also have running to it seem to work just fine.

Just to recap, I’m using a BRAND NEW DISTRO with a Rhino RCB4FXO card in it