Need help preventing management access to Toshiba CIX-670

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Hello, I have a situation I need help with and I’m hoping this is a good place to ask.

I’m going through the final stages of purchasing a FreePBX solution. The local teleco provider which has had access to our PBX both physically and remotely for years is being a bit uncooperative about working through the phase over. It’s fine, they’ve held us hostage for years and are finally realizing they are replaceable…that’s a whole other story that I’m sure many of you have experienced something similar.

I know they have remote access to our PBX, I’m guessing through dial-up. They do not have access to the management LAN anymore. I have no experience at all with this system (eManager). How can I find out which lines coming in are “management enabled”? Is there any way to view access logs? How do you even access this things remotely? I saw a dial-up option in eManager login, I’m guessing that’s how.

I’ve downloaded and gone through so many Toshiba documents scattered though out the internet without much success.

Found this myself:

  1. Find DID listing that has “Built-in modem” assigned to day or night destination. Make note of number and ILG group
  2. Get inventory from your provider of your telephone numbers, one should point/port to that DID
  3. call it, wait for tone (3 seconds) press #19

So what stops anyone from being able to dial-up to that and manage the PBX? Is there a way to log when someone connects?

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