Need Help please

My Name is Mohammed from Manarvoip company .
i am trying to build my voip Termination gateway on asterisk , i have TDM24 PCI card .
in fact i am still not good enough in using Freepbx , so since one week ago and i am trying to configure all things but i failed , so please i need help from any one have Idea .
i have
-Voipswitch Server ( main switch for all retails and wholesales clients )( Static IP )

  • PC with Asterisknow 3.0 ( dynamic IP )
  • TDM24 pci card

so i need to send calls from Voipswitch server to Asterisk Gateway and terminate them by TDM card .

if any one know the steps for configuration i will be thankful

This is scary on so many levels.

Why don’t you just buy a gateway? Cisco or Sonus both make carrier class TDM gateways.