Need help on ring group extension

I have a FreePBX service and set up several ring groups. Each group has 2 extension. One extension is for hard phone and the other extension is for softphone.
Take one of my ring group as example. Ring group is 456, hard phone extension is 356 and softphone extension is 556. Voicemail is set to 356
If some one call RG 456 and on one answer. System will say no one is available for extension 356, please leave a message.
This is confusing since when people call RG456 but when they hear extension 356, they will doubt that maybe he or she call a wrong extension. But actually he or she did reach to a correct extension.
Is there any way to change some settings on this? Or we can remove the announcement and called will only hear that something like “the person you are trying to reach is not available, please leave a message.”
Any help will be appreciated.

Set the destination to Voicemail > 356 (Instructions only)

Or you can record your unavailable greeting to something else

Thank you so much! It worked!

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