Need help migrating data from a system running version 12.0.25 to new system running

I’m trying to migrate an old system with about 60 extensions and 10 ring groups, and basic IVR. from Free PBX Version 12.0.25 over to a fresh install of

Items tried:
the command will not save the corresponding files to the /tmp area when attempting to run the command on the new system or the old system for that matter.

Someone had recommended using the bulk handler in my post from a year ago. It is not available in the Version 12 system. No modules in that system can be updated as I get the warning:

Warning: Cannot connect to online repository(s) (, Online modules are not available.

Short of manually reentering everything, does anybody have any ideas?


FreePBX 15 allows the restore from legacy backups. You should be able to make a backup tarball on the old system, and restore it on the new.

@lgaetz We have about 15 systems that need this upgrade as well. Are you still recommending Edge for the Backup/Restore module when doing this? Edge for any others?

I would yes. Backup module is getting fixes pretty frequently now, and all of them are bug fixes. That’s not so much the case with any other modules.

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