Need Help -> manually changing asterisk system recordings

Hey, this is a continuation from prev thread


Don’t know where to put this so if this is the wrong location, sorry.

I have FreePBX on CentOS and I have custom context that plays a recording before every call and then connects the call, all good there.

I have a web application in .NET that serves for uploading custom recordings, and I’d like that custom recording to substitute the one already in place before the calls in the CentOS…

The recording name will be ‘recordingname’ for example, and the new file will simply overwrite it, so no config change needs to be done, only the actual sound file needs to be replaced.

Is this possible ? Thanks…"

"I would use samba and create an SMB share. Google “centos samba”
‘yum install samba’ will get you started."

I have FreePBX running on a virtual machine, I have Windows 7 operating system.
I searched by the answer given previously and installed samba, had troubles but finally made it work with windows 7, i found the directory where asterisk keeps the custom recordings, and I overwrote it (with another .wav file with the same name) but it doesn’t play.

is there another file that must be changed with length or size or something ? OR must the file be specific bitrate or sampled ? Thanks!