Need Help! Issues with FOP2 and PJSIP Extensions

I am experiencing an issue with PJSIP extensions and the FOP2 flash operator panel and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the situation. The problem is that the PJSIP extensions do not show CID information of the call an extension is currently on, or of any calls that are ringing any of those extensions. When the call is answered, the extension on the panel does turn orange indicating they are on a call (see screenshot below) but with no CID info.


If I perform a “service fop2 restart” in SSH, it will start working but only for a few hours before the PJSIP extension will again show no CID info. I do not have this issue with CHAN_SIP extensions. All of these PJSIP extensions were setup originally as CHAN_SIP but then converted to PJSIP.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so, have you found a fix?

PS: I’m a newbie, so pardon any ignorance on my part!

FOP2 , although delightful, can not be supported here, You will have to go to Nicolas’ forum

Nicolas and the other FOP2 folks provide great support. Check the forums first, and use their online chat if needed.

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