Need help in Setting up a FreePBX for SOHO InternalPurpose Only


I am new to freepbx, and I want to setup a new FreePBX system for my local LAN only(later I will go for outside) for testing purpose(to see how does it work with its features), so I have just downloaded, installed FreePBX-6.12.65-3-i386-Full-1390695990 and also updated all of its modules.

As I said I don’t have that much idea how to make it run, that’s why asking your suggestion on where to start for this.

What are the first steps should I follow to make it ready to make basic calls to LAN phones only(test purpose I am going to use softphones either X-Lite or Zoiper).

Later I will use these techniques for my Company Environment where we have a FreePBX setup already(but with limited features).

Please help


Have a look at the wiki: