Need help. I want to create my own Operator Panel

Hello Community Members,

I need someones guidance and advice. I’d like to create my Operator Panel like FOP but not in flash but with PHP.

I have read about creating a manager or a asterisk proxy but I am not really sure where to start.

Can anyone please give me an advice where to start.


You need to hook into the Asterisk Manager Interface. It is a TCP socket based service, very well documented.

Check out this project:

It is a PHP page that uses the Asterisk AMI to display queue agents and callers and is simple enough for you to get the basics. If you are creating a FreePBX specific panel, check out the top of /inc/defines.php to see how to get FreePBX environment variables.

Thank you so much guys. I didn’t realize this thread already have replied. I assume the email notification didn’t work :slight_smile:

Thank you SkykingOH and lgaetz for the information.