Need Help I feel stupid

hello all. I feel stupid. I opened the ports up on my Freepbx and my Verizon fios router. setup the phones so they auto provision. and notting works. I was hoping maybe someone can team view in to my network and help me out.

You’ll need to discribe exactly what you have done for someone to help you here.

What ports did you open ?
You opened ports where on the PBX?
Which SIP driver are you using and which port?
What kinda phones do you have?
How did you setup auto provision?
Etc etc etc.

I just reset my whole network an about to reopen the ports with the new router. I have 5060 5061 and 1000 to 2000 open. I believe. had 84 open also. I was using sip station for trying it out. I have insiemy network s500 and outside was s300. to setup my system I used the auto provision to get it to work.

The default RTP port range is 10000 to 20000 (ten thousand to twenty thousand)

sorry I met to say that

is there anyone that can remote into my network and see what I can’t get this to work?

Get what to work?

I can’t get the auto-provision to work.

You need to be more descriptive. What auto provisioning?

I have freepbx an the Sangoma s500. I’m trying to get the two systems to auto-provision to each other. last I can tell I opened the correct ports so the network can talk to the Sangoma.

First, they dont provision to each other. The phone gets its profile from the PBX.

Second, are you trying to use Zero Touch to provision this?

yes I am. I also want to set it a second phone to provision outside my network

  1. Did you adopt the phone in the Sangoma portal?
  2. Did you set up in the portal for the phone to look to your server IP? (External or Internal - depends where your phone will be located)
  3. Opening all these ports publicly is a bad idea in my opinion. Try limiting to a FQDN or Trusted IP’s.

Agree w/ PiztKey…don’t open ports publically to all other IPs unless required.

For example, SIP…lock it down to your provider’s IP address.

On the other hand, RTP (UDP) ports 10000-20000 should be open to all.

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