Need help for module development

i try to add a new module to freepbx. currently there is no easy way to see the call cost of a pbx. there is a2billing, but it’s designed to per- or postpaid calling card solution and does not realy fit into freepbx (ie you should have to reconfigure many things in a2billing again). what i’d like to do is to apply some cost to each cdr record. to do this i need to create a few more tables which decsribes the cost of each directions and i’d like to configure this tables trhough freepbx. and another page similar to cdr-stat which show the costs. i start with the latest thrunk since it seems to be the best choise. and use the new try to understand the codes, modify a few bits in the basic freepbx, but since not too much documentation it’s rather hard. what’s happend (and not only with my modules, but eg with “Customer DB”) that i got a page :

Not found

The section you requested does not exist or you do not have access to it.

it seems the new component class don’t push the type of the current module in case of add, edit etc.
where can i fix it?