Need help badly, all the phones went into busy


Im not a expert in Asterisk or FreePBX, so im going to ask the most of helps.

Since yesterday all the phones stopped ringing more than 1 time, they just go directly into voicemail.

We haven’t configured anything since 1 month ago when we installed a new extension, so that shouldnt be the problem.

Can anyone help me to debug this and fix it? i can give any log needed and troubleshoot it.

I assume a full log? this is the log i have from ASTERISK:

As a new user i can’t upload the log here, so ill paste it on google drive.

1.6 M lines. No thanks.

I went step by step and got this:

I had to edit the extension numbers and some ip + phone numbers.

You have configured your extensions with a default ring time of 2 seconds:

[2018-02-27 16:34:02] VERBOSE[21351] logger.c:     -- Executing [[email protected]:7] Dial("Zap/23-1", "SIP/xxxx|02|tr") in new stack
[2018-02-27 16:34:02] VERBOSE[21351] logger.c:     -- Called xxxx
[2018-02-27 16:34:02] VERBOSE[21351] logger.c:     -- SIP/xxxx-088f6ae8 is ringing
[2018-02-27 16:34:04] VERBOSE[21351] logger.c:     -- Nobody picked up in 2000 ms

You appear to be running Asterisk 1.4 (maybe 1.6) so this system has been running for the best part of a decade. Put a plan in place to migrate to something supportable.

This are SIPs, where could i find the option to change it?

What’s more rare is that this was working yesterday perfect.

Any file i can dig up to edit?

Well looks like i found out what happened.

Some module or option the panel had, has been erased, i can’t create extensions also.

Ill try with my partner to update the pbx, hopefully that can fix it.

Upping this sorry.

Im really need help with this, i can’t update it nor fix this module, looks like the guys who instaled this 10 years ago used a modified (?) fork of freepbx 2.5.

None of what you’ve posted is good news.

Most of the ways to fix this are now included in the FreePBX system, but yours is so old that there’s just no really good ways to help you figure it out. You haven’t really even told us what’s failing, and even in the places where you’ve gotten close, you haven’t supplied any details.

To start, you need to post excerpts of your /var/log/asterisk/full that has error information. Note that posting a log that’s going to take us hours to sift through is a non-starter. You need to be selective for us to help you.

The “best” way to fix it is to start over with a new version of the latest distro system. Simply “updating” the system isn’t going to be enough. You need to install the distro on a new machine, copying the settings from the old system. If you have to, you can get screen shots of the existing trunks and extension settings and recreate them by hand. Once you have the information from the old trunks and extensions, you could (if you’re feeling brave) overwrite the old installation with the new one, but that might delete something you might need later.

The new system has a “bulk handler” that can simplify setting up many of the modules through the use of CSV files, but your system is so old that even that isn’t going to help you very much.

We really want to help, but at this point, you’re not making it easy enough for us to help you.

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