Need endpoint manager help. Willing to pay

I’m trying to get the paid endpoint manager working. If anyone is interested in helping me get running I would pay for it. I can provide ssh or web access.

Because you took this into another thread that Schmooze might not see I must add that Andrew mentioned he only charged 15 minutes to your case.

Did you update your ticket and request additional support assistance.

As a provider of support I am constantly amazed that users feel simply paying the fee and pointing the consultant at the box is enough. You have to be an active participant. The quality of your participation and information provided will directly effect any support interaction.

As a frequent flyer with Schmooze support I find they always give you more than you paid for.

Did that already. Paid $150, and for that they set a phone on their system and said “works for me”.

Click on Store on this page and go to “Paid Support Plans”


I was active. I didn’t just command them to fix it.

Please check your email. There was a follow up sent earlier.