Need Distinctive Ring from certain extensions

I am trying to get a distinctive ring from an extension and I found this How To

My system is Freepbx 2.10/ and I am using AAstra phones. I am testing in my office and want to deploy this using an ATA with door boxes to autodial to a group of phones and alert the phones with the distinctive ring. I tried using the Alert_Info on a group in my office but it didn’t apply to internal calls, only external DID calls. I am using the OSS phone configurator at the moment to proof the concept.

The problem is that it doesn’t seem to work consistantly. I have an aastra 6731i and a 6757i. If I call internal direct dial from the 57 to the 31 the distinctive ring doesn’t work, but the other way around does. The CFG file is the same and both phones are set the same in the web gui.

What am I missing? Suggestions?


Changing the cadence might just work. As long as it is something different and only used for that application. Is it possible to “default” the Aastra to a double ring cadence and have outside calls use the long single ring cadence? Can’t I set that in the cfg file for the phones? I know I am changeing things here, jus thinking ahead to make internal calls ring different than outside calls. Alot of my customers have asked for this.

Thanks guys

If you create a ring group with the desired extensions, set the alert info appropriately…AASTRA phones respond to the bellcore-drx settings…, then have the door phone dial the ring group dr should work.


YEah that is what I thought so I changed a ring group in my office. 2 Aastra 57i 's and a Yealink T26 and the ring tone changed on the Yealink but not the Aastra phones. I checked the Aastra GUI and the distinctive ringing was enabled. I’ll default those phones and try again

Aastra do not let you change the ring tone with alert infos. Only the cadence.

And now that you bring that up Tony I will look for a different phone. I could use the Yealink but I am not keen on their asthetics. Maybe Polycom?

Hey Tony…I’ve got AASTRA responding to the bellcore-dr stuff. Unless I’m loosing my mind. Won’t be able to check it out until after Thanksgiving, depending on when the DR. let’s me go back to work.


Bill, I would be interested in what you are doing. I need to get pricing to the customer next week, I like the Aastra phones for the price point and the asthetics. Like I said it was hit and miss from the testing I have done. Even a different cadence would work. The door boxes are going to be in therapy rooms and if there is trouble they want something really different.

Well, won’t be in the office until after thanksgiving. Had a little problem and had to spend a week in the hospital, and I am under “house arrest” till the Monday after thanksgiving. I want to make sure those AASTRA phones are doing what I thout, and I’m not loosing my mind.


I think I have found my problem in the Ring Group settings I have ALERT_Info=Belcore-dr3 I found an old post of your Bill that stressed to use only . So when I get into the office on Monday I am going to try that.

This is the format i use…

Square brackets and everything. I believe 2,3,4 are all valid numbers.


Yes you can change the cadence from 1-5 but that is not the ring tone. I just want to be clear that you can only change the cadence on aastra phones not the actual ring tone.

Tony, I am referring to the old Bell System implementation of distinctive ringing. dr-0 through dr8. 0 through 4 work with the AASTRA, albeit 0 is “silent” ring and 1 is the normal ring.