Need confirmation for DISA recording and problem confirmation

Hello all,

I have mashed up together a DISA recording option however the recording on our system gets garbled up. The incoming from the dialed number comes in fine, the Outgoing fails to record properly.

To reproduce, create the following:

  • 1 DISA account
  • 1 Inbound Route
  • 1 Extension with Follow me enabled

Now, first program your Inbound Route for your CallerID to goto the extension you created.
Next program the extension to always record both incoming and outgoing audio.
Edit the Follow Me function and set the ring time to 1 second with a Destination if no answer to your DISA extension. Then now you can call out. Ideally this should be recording your call. However it fails to properly record it as outgoing audio is timeshifted/lost.

Can anyone else confirm this?