Need Cisco / FreePBX help

Hello all,
I have need here now of a second external IP address and my ISP has given me a /30 subnet.
A friend of mine has configured my Cisco 1841 to do all the routing. Everything seemed to be working fine until I got a phone call come in … no audio and drops after a few seconds with error about no response to critical packet.
I already knew this was RTP port forward problem from previously trying to add a Cisco 877.
I have tried the below to no avail in the 1841.

[code]access-list 101 permit udp any range 10000 20000 any

route-map NAT permit 10
match ip add 101

ip nat inside source static free.pbx.ip.address free.pbx.subnet.mask route-map NAT[/code]

My knowledge in Cisco is very limited and friend left a few hours ago. he does not know how to forward a range of ports and says it is unsupported in Cisco … Really ???

Switch back to my Billion router and all is OK (Except i cannot use second WAN IP)
Can someone please help?

Although it should not matter, my FreePBX version is 3.211.63-10 and i am not sure how to get my IOS version but I know it is Broadband level (no advanced services)

Those little code snippets are pretty much meaningless. If you are looking for someone that can get in/out and get it to work send me a PM.

In FreePBX i have set RTP start to 10000 and finish to 10040. I have manual 1:1 NAT rules saying allow this traffic and when i do #sh ip nat translations | i udp i can see entries on ports 10016 and 10017 after trying to make a call. These are going to my VSP.
The call also fails when trying to call internally exactly the same way. Is RTP not being sent across the internal network between handsets and PBX? Does this seem logical? If so, have we missed a step in config saying to allow all local traffic??
I do have an Extended Access List stating

Extended IP access list ACL.NAT.CCSR 10 permit ip internal.ip.range.0 any (2833 matches)
Hopefully this will help narrow something down for the more Cisco savvy people in here.

Sorry … i missed your reply… i will pm you.