Need assistance with Endpoint Manager

I have 3 PBX’s (2 PIAF and 1 FreePBX) I was needing to set up several Cisco 7960’s to have extensions off of all 3 PBX’s. Is there a way to do this in the Free PBX or in either of my PIAF boxes? It appears it is only allowing me to have 1 proxy ip address per endpoint device.

You can do this with the newest version. But support has to be added per phone from me.

I just upgraded the box to 2.10 last night and am still having a couple of troubles. I have a config with 6 lines for my Cisco 7960 phone. 5 of the 6 lines are registered with the appropriate PBX but the second line on my FreePBX does not seem to want to register.

So in the setup of the template/device do I need to set up 2 devices for my 2 extensions or should I be able to have the 2 users going to the 1 device?

What files do you need to see or modify for this to work?