Need Assistance with CDR Reporting

I have made posts to development and Beta program, but there has yet to be any responses.

Why are their duplicate CDR records for Inbound calls in the CDR Reporting? Is there a way to all calls (Inbound/Outbound) from all users on a given day?

Are you seeing duplicate records because more than one extension was called such as a ring group etc?

I am not entirely certain, I will have to confirm. I suspect that it is because FreePBX links the cdr table and the cel table together and there can be multiple event types for any one call. I believe that FreePBX might be showing one call with say a channel start and channel end event, both of these are two separate records with really no difference in the actual data.

So yes, a ring group is utilized. What does that mean from a FreePBX CDR Reporting standpoint? How does that explain the duplicates?

Also, in the CDR reporting, does FreePBX report on all event types? And is there a way to pull all calls, inbound / outbound for one day in FreePBX?

I am not sure if this will help, but I find it useful to set the ‘disposition’ to ‘answered’. That way you dont see all of the extensions that were ringing in the queue, just the ones which picked up the calls.

It makes the call logs look much tidier.


Unfortunately the disposition is set to answered and duplicates are shown for Inbound calls. So, 22 Inbound instead of 11, no difference in the duplicates, both records show a disposition of Answered. Thank you however for the suggestion.

So you’re looking for something that looks like the Call Monitor report a user gets when they look at just their user Portal. I haven’t seen such a report company wide. It could be written from the database but I don’t recall seeing such an option in the CDR Reports.