Need assistance setting up the same 2 lines on 2 different phones

Maybe I’m just overthinking this but what I want to do seems pretty simple in theory but I just cant figure out how to dow it.

I have:

2 Aastra 6730i phones
2 DID’s configured
FreePBX 2.7

What I want is for each phone to be identical. I want line 1 to be DID 1 and line 2 to be DID 2. I want both phones to ring when either of those DID’s are rung and also flash. Seems simple but I am having a hard time. Can someone point me in the right direction?

I have played around with BLA, but i dont think BLA works with asterisk, I have tried registering the same 2 extentions on each phone but that doesnt seem to work

EDIT: my wording my not have been technically right above. Basically I have 2 outside phone numbers. 289-9999 and 289-9998, they are for different companies and are both going into the asterisk box. They each hit their own IVR and ultimately each number with go to an extention. 289-9999->200 and 289-9998->100.

I want the ability on both Aastra phones to to have line 1 appear as ext 100 and line 2 to appear as ext 200 for both incoming and outgoing calls


You’ll need to set up two extensions for each phone (total 4 extensions)
Set up 2 ring groups. In ring Group 1, put the extensions for line 1 for each phone. Fro Group 2 Put the 2nd set of extensions.

Point DID 1 to Group 1
Point DID 2 to Group 2.


wow, i knew it was easy. Thanks! worked great