Need any documents in Feature Code Admin in PBX :))

heloo every body
i have my own astresik PBX based on elasteix , i looked for a manual for the feature codes in PBX but i ddint find , can any one provide me with info about how we can use the feature code with an example??

i found alot of features , i dont uses it because i dont know about it, and i wish to learn about it and use it .

thanks alot for your suport
\best regards\

Did you look in the Feature Codes module to see what was enabled on your system ?

there are alot of featurs but the problem is that im no familiar with these featuees and im not getting benifit of them … thats why i need a manual or any thing can help Me in understanding them.

thanks alot for u

Please give an example of a feature that is not self explanatory, it will help us understand.