Need an IP phone. Suggestions?


We are going to be expanding our phone system.
I was asked one thing: Get a phone that can do intercom with other phones (through the phone’s speaker themselves). I have no idea what will work with our system (see signature). These phones will need to run either wirelessly to the phone system over our LAN or through an Ethernet connection through the LAN.

I am open to suggestions. What works well these days?

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x86 bit
I used the Distro to install

I like Aastra, I hear only good things about Digium phones. There are a lot of options out there. A good starting point would be how much do you want to spend. Give a max price per phone and we can look at what options fit within your max budget

We’re a non profit and price is an object… so my predecessor went with Grandstream. If I had it to do again, I would go with something else. Kinda stuck at this point as this years budget won;t allow for upgrading 400 phones. I’ve played with both Astra and Digium and they are nice and would consider either of those.

This did not really answer the question of what price pointdo you want/need to be at. It is possible grandstream was the option that fit in to the allotted budget. If you are not comfortable posting this information it will make it difficult to get feed back from the community.

You may also get in touch with one of our sales folks who may be able to walk you in the right direction

That was not me who replied…

My budget is negotiable… and really, quite high; however, we don’t need video phones or anything crazy like that. Our options we NEED are very limited to what we have with our analog phones. I want to get one or two and play with them, see if they are right for us, then get some more.

Say, what would be the difference between SIP and IP phones as far as Aastra is concerned?

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SIP Phone and IP phone are interchangeable terms for the same thing.

For sub $125 you can get

Aastra 6731
Digium D40
A whole mess of Yealink phones.

If you click on store above and register for the portal you can see the various phones with their features and price points.

James, don’t mean to correct but Aastra has lines of IP phones that use proprietary signalling and do not work with SIP standards.

While SIP relies on IP protocol for transport so do several other telephony standards including H.323, MGCP and SCCP.

Ah! Thank you.

For my system, I would likely be looking for SIP (at least with Aastra), correct?

I am after an Aastra phone. One that is ~$200.
Any Model Suggestions?

I am looking at an Aastra 6755I. Any comments on that one?

It’s a very popular, well integrated phone.