Need advice/ideas for an interesting setup

So i’m setting up a system for a drive in. Here is the call flow
Sip extension 901(1 of 28) is activated and auto dials extension 200
200 is a queing group with one always logged in member.
The logged in member is 801.
Now for the tricky part, the site would like to be able to hear the entire contents of that call in the kitchen, either in real time or very shortly after.
It could be played via any kind of device really just so long as it is over a speaker and should not require any interaction to function (if a code needs to be entered once to start that would be fine but not repeatedly having to enter it)

I tried chanspy but after the first call hangs up it goes to silence and then hangs up the chanspy
I thought about forced call record but how would i set it to send EVERY call to the speaker or device and then not eat up huge amounts of space and need to be maintained.
Any ideas?

You can do a chanspy per call with the speaker phone device spying on the agent when a call is connected.

A ‘duplex’ paging solution should work given the right hardware.

i tried that using both the built in chanspy config and a custom config, it works the first time but once the original call hangs up it goes silent and doesn’t play the audio of the next call. I’m open to having done something wrong though.

could you elaborate on your thinking?

Sure, something from

For the ‘customer’ and your host, for the kitchen a simplex device

Similar stuff from Viking , Algo or whoever,

Basically the client initiates the transaction by pushing the button initiating a page to the duplex page group, announced by whatever you want to wake up the host with. The ‘host’ then uses his button to key his mike, the kitchen staff are just eavesdropping the page, probably need a ‘timeout’ to hangup the call after n seconds, but either Customer or host can reconnect with a button press after n+1 seconds

Basically think of it as an intercom system not a phone call. If the Host needs a phone for other purposes, just use one at her location with a couple of programmed keys

Ah now I understand what you were thinking. The initiating endpoint that we are currently using IS an IP intercom, however the problem that I found was that IP intercoms are limited in the active channels available. It works fine when it is one call at a time but having 28 ordering stations created issues. If the intercom is in use another call at the same time results in failure and that was not ok with the customer. That is the reason I changed the call path to SIP and built the asterisk server so that it could que the calls in order to the single employee that way the call remained in progress to the ordering station with an audio signal that they were waiting on an answer instead of just a failure.

i know this is annoying but I’m basically reinventing the wheel that was made 75 years ago and stopped production 50 years ago. Noone makes a solution for drive ins in a modern system. The only company that comes close does not work with outside vendors and will not help without a huge contract.

Then look at multicasting. Identifying by customer would be interesting. Possibly FOP2 as a front end 'Tally" much like a 100 year old butler’s bell panel with touch screen capability

i think im just going to have to go analog and capture the audio of a handset and run it back to a standard intercom speaker.

Right. You dont do it once. I said you do it on every call. Patron sits in queue, patron is sent to kitchen when they reach position one. When agent answers call it triggers a page to the speaker phone that spys on the agent channel.

Has to happen every call.

It’s clunky, but check out this dialplan which loops over chanspy

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