Need advice for pbx server configuration

I’m looking to build an efficient server to run freepbx. Could someone give me advice of what is the best hardware configuration for this? For example, hard drive space/type, processor speed, etc? How much would it cost?

The purpose of the server is for:

  1. 5000 users (customers we support in the company)
  2. 150 concurrent users at one time
  3. Don’t need or use voicemail on the system
  4. User to user (customer to customer use, no in-house user)

Thank you

If (power?) efficiency is your main goal, you will find a lot of people are having success with the Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately with a Pi, sacrifices have to be made, so I suggest you investigate a low power Atom system. Good luck.

With what you describe you don’t need asterisk you need a sip proxy, look into Kamailio/Siremis, it should run happily on an old Pentium, perhaps even a RaspberryPI :slight_smile:

As to cost, I would suggest less than 100 bucks.