Need ability to have weather announcment on a special voicemail

Here’s what I need to do. I need to setup an extension with a voice mail that does not give the option to leave a message. We have a staff member leave detailed instructions for services and activities during inclement weather. People call a special incoming line and the voice mail plays. Problem is the recording says press 1 to do this and 2 to do that. We don’t want any options…just the message. Is there a way to change the voice mail message for just that extension? Or better yet is there a simpler way to do this. All we are trying to do is set up a method that staff can record a weather announcement without the intervention of us (the it dept). Things would work fine if we could change (preferably eliminate) the recording for voice mail on that extension only.

Look at using the annoucement module and not voicemail. Send the caller to announcement.

Thanks for the quick update Tony…here’s the problem with announcements, they can’t be updated quickly without my intervention (It department). Voice mail can be quickly accessed by anyone on staff to update weather and or close out the message when the weather subsides.I don’t have to do anything. Announcements are made on the server and really can’t be changed as fast as weather sometimes demands.

Yes, Announcements can be updated. Look at the “System Recordings” page, do an initial announcement. After you have saved the announcement, bring that announcement page back up. Look for the “optional feature code”. Tick the box and save and hit the orange button. Now, whenever anyone enters the code, they may update the system recording. When you use this system recording an an announcement, the announcement can be changed at will.

If you put the code as a hidden IVR option, and use a 4 or 5 digit IVR code, you can change from anywhere.

This works well. I used it extensively during the Record Mississippi River Flood of 2011. Sometimes we changed it 4 or 5 times a day as the water rose. Looking back at the releases I wrote, looks like there were over 150 recordings over about a month.


You learn something new every day.

This will be great…thanks very much for the info I will set I up and try it immediately and report results here. We previously had to trick TrixBox with a round-a-bout use of symbolic links and voice mail…a pain to set up.

Thanks again!!

Well Bill, your suggestion has made things much easier for me. It works very well and the IVR allows for security. I did have to change the feature code to a four digit number to avoid confusion with extensions. Other than that I am set…
Thanks Muchly…

Thought it would. If I remember I wrote up the original Trixbox procedure using symlinks. It worked but was a pain in the…