Need a paid applications to my freepbx server

hi ,

actually i have a pbx system ,

what i need is :
i want to buy one or all of the requirements below :
1- system that integrated by freepbx and give me more details log for each employee as an example , how many calls re replied , also , if the employee didnt reply calls when he was able to reply
i mean i need system that make evaluation for employees.

to be clear , its a system for an ISP company.

2- i need something like cti system , that monitor the employee screen while the calls and need options like pause and continue , break , for the employee if he want to leave his pc for some time

3- i need something that dial some numbers automatically and give them a pre defined message, i mean i want to use this for marketing


i need 3 systems and ready to buy all of them or one of them

what i need is you helping in directing me to the right system
what systems exist now can satisfy my needs above ?

with my best regards

1 - You didn’t say what kind of system you have

2 - Number 1 is vague, however I can imagine you only want to do this for agents so the Qxact reports does what you want

3 - The iSymphony product from i9 is exactly what you need, we sell it in the store

4 - Xactdialer does exactly what you want.

Have you read the articles on Call Centers in our wiki? Have you been to the store and looked at the products?