Native Operator Panel

I was wondering if there are any plans for a native operator panel to be included in future versions? Something like Flash Operator Panel or Aster Switchboard built in would be really nice. Integrating third-party things like this is painful and usually breaks during upgrades.

Take a look at

Seems like it’s coming very soon.

It was discussed here: Queue Stats (Queue Wallboard)

Unless I am missing something this does not seem like what I am looking for, although it seems to have some nice use cases. I am looking for a more true “operator” panel where you can see the status of extensions, transfer calls to phones or voicemail via drag and drop or some other method, easily access feature codes, etc.

Unfortunately because we are a publically traded company we can’t comment on future products. However. I can say that big things are coming. So sit tight.

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Got it, thanks Andrew!!

I don’t wanna press you on any info, I’m just curious if you were referring to Queue wallboard?

No I am not.

Oh oh, that’s great but I think I have made the wrong purchase then by buying queue wallboard.

I do not believe you can buy this module yet.

Of course, I did, but I apparently thought that it was something else quite disappointed.

We do try to fully document what is available in Queue Wallboard. There is nothing about it that says operator panel.

You’re right, well… sort of. I mean after I bought it I went back and checked out the wiki again and I realized it wasn’t supposed to show what I wanted, but I’ll give you an example of where I misunderstood it in the first place:

Active Calls

Displays the current active calls on a single Queue

How many active calls are currently in this queue.

I thought this meant I’ll be able to see the actual calls and numbers that are in the queue as well as how many calls in total are in the queue.

But I’m not complaining since I definitely appreciate all the work you guys put in to give us such a beautiful GUI and it was probably my fault for not thoroughly reading it through.

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