NAT issue - 1 way audio (ISP trunk on Private network)

Hey guys!

I have an issue. I can’t get remote extensions to work.

I can’t set the “externip” to my public IP, because the trunk is on a private network.

If I set it to my public IP I have 1 way audio from outside the world. If I set it to the IP provided by my ISP to connect to the trunk I have 1 way audio with remote extensions, and I cant call them either, they can only call me.

add the trunk network subnet into the sip.conf as a local network

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Tried that, my eth1 for trunk is IP: Netmask:

I tried adding it as local network as

Didn’t work :\

Ok! Wow… I added and now it works. Only thing I didn’t try…

Thank you paulhuynh81!

No wow. It’s not magix. If you have a direct carrier connection then you don’t NAT to that address.

Any networks declared in the localnet table are exempt from NAT processing.

The 84 network you added must be on the other side of the 10 network.

Glad it is working.