Nat extension with pjsip


I am forced to use pjsip , but I really don’t know how to configure pjsip extension for NAT.
My pbx is using internal IP address and it is behind a router which has public dynamic IP address.
should I use stun ?

how can I configure the extension so that it is working with bi-directional RTP ?

I am using Asterisk 13.17.1 with FreePBX.

with the default pjsip extension config, I don’t see any RTP packets to the IP address in the sdp header from the client.


There was a recent version of Asterisk that had RTP issues with PJSIP, it may be that one. Upgrade Asterisk to rule that out.

actually I don’t know how to upgrade Asterisk on a Raspbx distribution.
This is a special distro running on a Rasp. Pi3

Would it work if I try “apt-get install astersik” ?

I’d appreciate any help. I didn’t try it because I don’t want to break anything which is working…

really need help…

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