Nampa pairing

Hi, I have a problem with freepbx.
In incoming calls from 347 italian mobile phones, the number is matched to NWYRCYZN08,
which belongs to the nampa (voip-info nanpa-rate-centers)
If I disable the internet, (I have both a voip number and a patton with isdn lines), it doesn’t pair anymore.
But this is not the solution as by doing so I exclude the voip number.
How can I avoid this pairing?

Thanks so much.

FreePBX doesnt match callerids to rate centers. So where are you getting this info?

But the only things I’ve done is remove gateway in freepbx network config and matching disappeared…

That doesnt answer how you are seeing this call in a NYC rate center. Are you making calls or receiving calls when this happens?

Right. I’m receiving a call made from my cell phone. My cell phone number starts with 347

Just for knowledge, I have found some CID research in “CID superfecta” enabled by default.
Thanks Tom.

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