Name of the CRM Module in the module admin list

Going a bit nuts here. Installed a module for Bitrix24 CRM integration and it requires me to remove the FreePBX Customer Relationship Manager module. I can’t seem to find that module in the list. Is it named something different in the web ui??

’Informunity Bitrix24’ is incompateble with module ‘Customer Relationship Management Link’. Disable it using Module Administarton!

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole ma list | grep crm
| sangomacrm           | | Enabled  | Commercial  |
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Thanks Lorne!

OK, either I’m blind or something isn’t right. I can’t find it anywhere in the Module Admin tool under any name. Just did a modules update is it updated so it must be there.

what section should it appear under??

ugh… I’m blind… it’s under the setting section… I hate having mondays on tuesdays…

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