Name of Agents announcement

There is any option in commercial modules for saying agent name’s to caller in Ring Groups or Queues?
If answer is “No”, anybody can help about this?

Is there any solution?


We have implemented this feature. How can share with sangoma to add it officially? Support portal?

@tm1000 can give you the definitive answer, but it takes three steps:

  1. Sign a source code donation agreement - basically, you have to sign an agreement that says the code you are giving them is for them to use in the system and that you agree that they can have it.

  2. Put in a ticket requesting the feature and, in the description, describe how you did it and attach a zip file with the code. If you put it on GitHub (et al.) you could include the link and describe it as a possible solution.

  3. Wait, and respond to the questions that the devs are going to have. They may import your code, use it as a template and improve it, or tell you to pound sand.

Before you submit any code, be sure to get the development agreement signed. They are really gun-shy about accepting code without it.