Nagios Monitoring FreePBX

Would anyone have any good guides on monitoring asterisk with Nagios? I’m deploying a few more FreePBX phone systems, and I need to be able to provide enterprise level monitoring on the systems.

I am currently monitoring Asterisk using the check_sip plugin for Nagios, but really that only checks the status of the sip lines.

From my understanding you can enable SNMP with Asterisk? Not sure if this is possible with FreePBX? and Then not sure what type of SNMP commands I would need to define on the Nagios server.


Start here maybe:-

FreePBX is a frontend to Asterisk so it isn’t really relevent. But with the Asterisk MIB and SNMP you can front-end mon or nagios or many other similar softwares with ease

I guess my question is do you understand SNMP? You call them SNMP commands however they are called MIBS and asterisk has a full one.

You also did not mention how you installed Asterisk or your system, since it really has little to do with Asterisk.

Here are my crib notes from my personal wiki on how to do it.

cd /etc/snmp
 rm snmpd.conf
 scp -P 2223 [email protected]:/home/scott/snmpd.conf /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
 joe snmpd.conf
 cp /usr/src/asterisk-*-mib.txt /usr/share/snmp/mibs/
 chkconfig snmpd on
  ls -al /var/agentx
  service snmpd start
  ls -al /var/agentx
  chmod 755 /var/agentx
ls -al /var/agentx 
service snmpd restart
 service asterisk restart
 snmpwalk -On -c cstring -v 2c localhost .

If not cure the following dependencies:

Asterisk SNMP support is provided by the res_snmp module.  To build this module, you need to install the following packages:


Thanks dicko. I have already taken a look at that website and the documentation seems pretty outdated but some of it was helpfull.

SkyKingOH, Yes. In Nagios they are referred to as “SNMP Commands”. As you define a command that polls particular MIBs. I am actually looking for information specific on the best ways for “Nagios” to monitor a FreePBX deployment, and even more specifically what types of information in the MIBs is most critical to monitor/poll.

The way I have installed FreePBX is from the ISO distributions.