N-way calling

Good day.

I got a fresh just out of the box trixbox and want to make something like this recipe for raw asterisk


“While you speak with another party you can press *0, and the macro nway-start is executed. The current party is immediately transferred to a free conference, whereas you get a dialtone to enter the number of the other party you also would like to invite. After the call has been established and you talk to third user, you can press ** to direct him to the conference, or *# to hangup the current call and return to the conference yourself. From within the conference any user can invite another person by pressing 0 (all other steps are same as for *0).”

Is there a way to make it in freepbx?

Very very tnxfull for any help

This recipe is wrong:

May I ask what a “fresh, out of the box trixbox” is? trixbox is an Open Source, free project that is out of date and not being updated.

If you purchased one of the Fonality commercial projects you need to contact them for support.

Now lastly if somebody sold you a tribox you need to go get your money back.

With regard to your question. That macro is for an older version of Asterisk, looks like 1.4. Many things have changed. It’s hard to debug custom code in a forum.

Polycom 500 and 600 series phones support n-way conferencing. You might find the user interface more intuitive.

Fresh means “just installed” with no chages from default)

We got army of cisco spa which are able of 3way conference too

But now we goddamn need n-way via pbx for wireless phones.

If there is no way to make with trixbox maybe you will be so kind to advice another freeware sip server which is not out of the of date?

Thank you

Don’t start swearing in the forums. It’s not our fault you installed software without evaluating the capabilities or checking to see that the project (trixbox) had been abandoned by the creators over a year ago.

No version of FreePBX/Asterisk (including ours) supports n-way on analog devices “out of the box”. This is something you are going to have to custom develop. The code you posted is a start. I am sure a developer could get it to work.

You did not mention how you connect your analog extension to the PBX. Some ATA’s support conferencing, I am not sure if it is n-way. If you are using DAHDI channels it will be more challenging.

Will be elastix any better or maybe other pbx?

I mentioned this in my post. Elastix is another version of FreePBX and Asterisk so the answer is no.

If you are patient someone else may have another suggestion.

Sry for misunderstanding.

It is overall question not nway one.

I mean if trixbox is out of date what pbx will be better to use instead of it?

[quote]I mean if trixbox is out of date what pbx will be better to use instead of it?

This is the FreePBX site, so we are partial to our distribution.

It’s not exactly what you asked… but we created an extension that is a conference. We can then either ask people to call the office and enter that extension (and PIN) for a conference or we can call someone then simply transfer them into the conference then join the conference ourselves by dialing the conference number thus allowing n-way calls.

The only part that’s missing would be the part that allows anyone to press 0 from inside the conference and add other parties. Only someone inside the company could add parties unless they dial in.