Mysql using 100% CPU [Solved]

Running the latest Distro with 10 extensions no calls ongoing.

Deleted all Modules that I don’t need.

Any ideas?

We have this frequently. For us we have a large CDR database and every time someone loads call history in the UCP it causes this. 1 thread for every extension’s call history that is loaded. So loading 6 extensions call history causes 6 of those.

I disabled all Modules and enabled them again slowly. I finally saw that it was the Calendar Module with a CalDav remote Calendar that was causing the spikes. I deleted the remote calendar and CPU usage averages <1% when idle.

This is probably because the remote calendar has one or more recurring events with no end date on it and currently the calendar module seems to have no limit to how many of these repeat events it will try to load. If you limit the number of repeats on the events that might fix it for now, but the Calendar module is being modified to limit the amount of time it looks ahead to resolve the problem:

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