MySql database of freepbx

Hi, guys
Please help me)
I’m a beginner at freepbx + asterisk. I need to know how I can manage, at least see MySql database of freepbx? Where I can find table which contains information about VmX? For example which number how many times pressed 0 or 1 or 2 e.t.c?

The database is called Asterisk. You can see the credentials from /etc/freepbx.conf assuming you are running a newer version.

Use the command line mysql tool (standard sql commands like use,select etc.)

If that’s too much for you, you will need to use some type of SQL tool on your PC to browse the DB’s. Don’t forget to add the host to MySQL permissions.

SkykingOH, thank you for your answer.
Could you please give me an example SQL tool, it smth like PhpMyAdmin? And how to add the host?

I suggest you read the MySQL documentation. I don’t use any windows tools.

We don’t suggest installing PHP My Admin on a phone system. What exactly are you trying to do?

“What exactly are you trying to do?”

I want to see the db asterisk, I want to find the users who how many time used vmx, how many times user choose 0 or 1?
We make the vmx, which asking: “Are you satisfied with our service?” If yes push 1, if no 0. So I have to know how many users satisfied? Is that possible?

The information in the database is just configuration. It is not accessed when the VMX or IVR is used. The database is used to generate the Asterisk dialplan.

To do a survey you need to write a custom extension in Asterisk that can write these statistics to a database (one you create and maintain). FreePBX can route the call to the custom extension (with custom destination module) and the your extension can send it back into the FreePBX dial plan.

Thank you for your answer, could you explain what is custom extension? I can’t understand, what do you mean by sutom extension? Or how to write it? If there any references or source how to implement it?

FreePBX is powered by Asterisk. Asterisk extension language is very well documented. The FreePBX GUI writes out extension (dialplan) code and manages the config files.

There are at least a dozen Asterisk books. What is your programming experience? You should have good Linux fundamentals, SQL and any script language life Python or Perl.

I’m beginner at asterisk, and I need to do it for my project, I have some linux fundamentals and sql scripts, but any experience in Python and Perl:(
Could you advise me reading materials/books or references which could help me to understand how to implement dial plan? By surfing net i understand that there are some dial plan (or how to call it?) which added to extensions_custom conf file, and add it to the custom destination (name,description etc.), and it works?

Yes, you have it right. “Asterisk, The Future of Telephony” has everything you need to complete your task.

Good luck