MySQL and database administration help

I’ve installed the database administration module, how can I make every call and every recording log to mySQL, where would I locate this file?

What database administration module? You don’t even tell us what type of system you are running.

System Asterisk 1.4.35, Freepbx 2.7, phpMyAdmin 2.7.0-pl2, MySQL 5.0.77. The database administration shows as an available add-on in admin modules after a wget from which is phpmyadmin

That’s not part of FreePBX.

The CDR’s are hidden in the stealthly named asteriskcdrdb database.

I wasn’t asking where the table is that should log call recordings, I was asking how to make it log the call recordings because it isn’t doing it automatically…

This stuff is clearly covered in the FreePBX install documentation (even includes and SQL template to create the database) and in the Asterisk documentation.

It drives me nuts that folks ask questions before doing any researching or cracking the manuals. We would be able to offer so much more help if most of our time was not spent with questions of this nature.

Now that I have that off my chest, /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf

The module is in the Asterisk “add ons” package and you have to have the SQL tools installed before you build Asterisk or the module won’t compile.

I want to make sure that files are being written to the recordings table. I’ve set my extensions to record always, but they aren’t being written to the recordings table when the call is completed. All calls are being recorded and being saved to the file I want them to. Yes I have downloaded the asterisk addon package for Asterisk 1.4, my recording module is updated to, is there a script I have to write to get this working correctly? I couldn’t find any useful information to get this to work correctly.