My phones can connect even if they are not on the VPN

I have not found any solutions online so I will try and see if someone knows what’s up here :slight_smile:

So, I have setup a VPN on my server and everything is working fine (phones can connect, make phone calls, etc.)
The problem is, I made some tests and it appears phones can still connect and get service even if they are not on the vpn.
Is there a way to prevent any connection except those that come from my VPN ? Does it have something to do with the port 5061 ?

Thanks in advance

You mean phones that are on a network that is not local to the FreePBX server? That would mean you have opened the relevant SIP and RTP ports to the world wide web… In such a case, just close those ports and it should be fixed. The strange thing is that those ports would be open without you knowing, which is EXTREMELY dangerous, especially the part of you not knowing about it.

The PBX firewall, when properly configured, can allow access from specific source IP/subnets (your vpn) and deny access to the other source IPs.

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