My pbx was hacked passwors changed!

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My pbx was hacked and the hacker changed the password of Asteisk.

How can I change the password again ?
Can I change it by CLI command ?

Many thanks for your help !

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[HowTo] How to reset a FreePBX administrator password | FreePBX Hosting

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“Asterisk password” could mean a few things. What password are you talking about? This one?


If its hacked you should completly renew your PBX. Format the SSD/HDD and begin from 0.

Nobody knows if theres a backdoor on your system

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Really!!! This is no joke - if you can forensically dissect that machine from top to bottom, you might be ok, but I would never trust it - not even a backup - copy the settings manually, but nuke that machine and start over - best practice is to assume the criminal is smarter and trickier than you - then you won’t go wrong starting over. Cracked boxes are never to be trusted again.


And what Ports where open to the world?
Just SIP and RTP Ports? Or Webui, SSH,…?
Asking because when you setup a new one and change nothing it will be hacked again.

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