My own FreePBX FollowME module - Stuck at Reload

Hi Everyone,

I have done some php coding to come up with my own FollowME module for FreePBX. The need for this has some security considerations behind it.
This is what my code does at core:

$sql=“REPLACE INTO findmefollow(grpnum, strategy, grptime, grppre, grplist, annmsg_id,postdest, dring, needsconf, remotealert_id, toolate_id, ringing, pre_ring) VALUES (’$_POST[grpnum]’,‘ringall’,’$_POST[grptime]’,’$_POST[grppre]’,’$grplist’,‘0’,’$postdest’,’’,’’,‘0’,‘0’,‘Ring’,’$_POST[pre_ring]’)”;

This all conforms with the fields that are filled up by FreePBX followme module but it seems that this is not all becuase the followme doesn’t work when I do it this way. It only works if I press submit and confirm the orange bar.
For one thing, I think the Orange Reload bar does something that I can’t seem to find and that my php code doesn’t do. I tried doing a manual “reload” and “dialplan reload” but that wouldn’t do the job.

Can someone please shed some light if you know where I am stuck and had to tackle the issue yourself?


entries into the database are just the first step to getting into the asterisk configuration. asterisk itself still operates from the config files. the “orange bar” press is what triggers freePBX to generate config files from the database entries. without that critical step, the database entries never get used and so your entries into the database are of academic interest only.

And that is what I want to know how to do.

How can I trigger an orange bar?

Developers? please give a little guidance here.