My items - display suggestion


I have not found a way to display my items in the excellent format of the master list of posts. Clicking on my avatar or searching displays in a different format which is less informative.

Suggestion: Search and “myitems” should just filter the master list and display in that list’s format.

(Andrew Nagy) #2

Perhaps you should let us know what you are even talking about.


Perhaps you should take a break from support as you are obviously no longer able to communicate constructively.

This is the full list format. When sorting or clicking on my avatar it does not display using this format. I believe it would be better to always display results in this format.

I think that if you reread my posting in the website category, it actually says that.

(Andrew Nagy) #4

Hi I don’t work in support. We have many websites. You didn’t clearly state which website you were talking about. No one knew what you meant (I asked others). Thanks for explaining that you meant this one.

With that said this is the wrong place to bring up these concerns. We do not write the forums. We use discourse. You should go tell the discourse team at


Thanks, for letting me know. If you guys have an opportunity, I would appreciate you passing my thoughts along to them as well.