My IP Address Is Blocked

My IP address keeps getting blocked and I cannot access the admin page. Any idea how to correct this?

Add your lAN address to ignoreip in fail2ban

How do I do that? Sorry for the dumb question. I am new to this.

Admin >> System Admin >> Intrusion Detection. There you can whitelist your IP.

I don’t think I clearly conveyed the issue. At this time, I cannot get to our admin website because I think our IP is blocked.

Give yourself a different IP and try to log in. Then do as @moussa854 suggested.

Assuming you’re on-premises with the server. If you’re accessing a cloud deployment, you can log in from a mobile or a different site (assuming your public IP got blocked).

If you can power cycle the box, quickly, twice in a row that will reset fail2ban and temporarily disables the firewall.

This, by the way, is the equivalent of slapping a screaming friend to get their attention.

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