My Freepbx website partially works

I just installed freepbx 2.2.2 with asterisk 1.2.19 on a suse 10.2 box. everything looks okay. I can go to the website but it didn’t ask me for a user name or password. I have 3 links on the page but when I click on the administrator link I just get a blank page.

Can anyone help me?


Thanks but that’s still a no go. Anymore suggestions?

if you can’t get http://hostname/admin to get to the main freepbx page then something isn’t happy. I’ve also heard that SUSE isn’t the easiest distro to install freepbx on - and unfortuantely I don’t use SUSE so can’t help you there.

I was afraid of that. Thanx for the help though.

BTW. What distro do you use?

CentOS 4.X (and soon CentOS 5.0) are the most popular. Mostly CentOS 4.4. Debian is also used a fair amount although I don’t use it on FreePBX.

might be simpler if you start by making sure in amportal.conf that you have:


vs. ‘database’ and see that it works that way. And unless you have good reason, just use this mode and http authentication through apache if you want some security. If you need the AUTHTYPE=database mode, then once you get this working you can troubleshoot the next step.