My End Point Manager is not Rebooting Polycom 550 Phones

I have an Asterisk install on a Raspberry Pi with FreePBX and End Point Manager I have it configured with one extension and a UA which is Polycom 550.

End Point Manager has been a blessing to help configure and setup my Polycom 550 phone, however whenever I choose any of the re-boot options and execute, the GUI appears to execute, but nothing seems to happen.

I know that TFTP is properly setup because when I go to the web interface for the phone and choose the re-boot option from the Polycom’s GUI, the phone re-boots immediately and it downloads the configs from the TFTP server running on my Pi.

Another couple of side questions not necessarily related:

  1. On this phone I have a Plantronics Wireless Headset - Is there any way to keep the reboot from blowing away my manually applied settings - headset being one of them? Or make the settings via End Point Manager and save them with the config for the phone?

  2. I have recently ordered a Grandstream GXP2200 - I have noticed that this phone is not currently listed under the GS phones in the EPM. Is there any way to get this phone added to my configuration so EPM can help me manage this phone too?

Thanks in advance!