My core upgraded backwards from 14 to 13 and is not functional

I used yum upgrade. I don’t know the exact series of events, but at one point when i checked my core via grep, I got this response:
core | | Disabled; Pending upgrade to | GPLv3+ |

I was able to enable the core after a lot of wrestling, and it is currently at But somehow in teh process, ph must have been updated because i now get errors in calendar.class.php and findmefollowme because they call getTimeZone, and it fails with an undefined method error.

I commented out the lines that refer to getTimeZone and Carbon (also threw an error) and now the system will start, but the GUI remains at the page “Please Select the default locales of the PBX”. Whatever link I click changes the address in the address bar, but the rendered page remains the same. The phones will not register. When I call in the system answers and sends to the appropriate voicemail.

The only access I have now is Putty and Winscp. Is there a way I can get the 14 core and framework?

Using post_upgrade, I was able to upgrade to 14.

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