My config files is not changed!

hi every body

i use ubuntu 6.06 LTS and install asterisk and freePBX with no problem,
but never asterisk config file chaned!

for example i add new extension but i can not connet with my sip phone(xlite)
and there isn’t any in config files.
but in database is added new extension!

mydata base and config files is not sync! i should use after every change!!!

i read all thing about this problem in freeBPX forum and do all thing( check mysql,, use php4 instead php5 ,…) but my problem is here.

(i tested elastix that is base in CentOS and FreeBPX and it work good but i need FreeBPX on ubuntu)

now my asterisk works probably and when i add new sip with my hands , it work good but i can not add new extensio with freeBPX

please please help me

[email protected]

thanks alot

I don’t run Ubuntu - but it really seems like some sort of permission problem is going on. When you run retrive_conf by hand you may be running as a different user. Make sure that apache is running as asterisk and all permissions are in order.