My asterisk system is not stable and backup question

I have been running pbx in a flash for a couple days and I noticed that it is not stable.

1)sip registration timed out. I have two sip servers configured. Initially it worked fine, seems that if if the internet connection is heavily used, then asterisk has problem to register sip severs(even after the internet usage is freed). For example, after I made some download using bittorrent, asterisks log shows registration timed out for two both sip servers. sometimes restart asterisk solved the issue, but sometime it didn’t.

2)I used I found following appeared every one or two minutes in the log file:
logger.c: – ast_get_srv: SRV lookup for ‘’ mapped to
host, port 50
looks this is normal, right? if so is it possible to configure that it doesn’t appear so often? it makes hard to find really errors.

3)I also find following in the log:
sched.c: Request to schedule in the past?!?!
not sure what is this? my system time is up to date.

last question, how can I make a complete backup of the whole pbx in a flash? I already using the backup & restore module to make daily backup but I hope to get more. I am running it in VMWare server 2 in windows XP. VMWare has a snapshot function, but it is not enough(it only keep one snapshot). I hope I can make a complete backup of the system, it can be restored if something goes wrong or I tried something but mess it up, or migrated it to a new environment.


You can use the Webmin interface and use the backup module from there.

For backup, I already using that as I mentioned. I am looking for something like whole disk backup as here, but there is no update for almost 2 years.